Do you require an audit?

Auditing is largely restricted to three areas:

  • Statutory work

 Where a company is over a certain size.

  • Shareholder request

 Where shareholders, usually a minority shareholder not actually involved in the company, requests an audit.

  • Shareholder/Director request

Where active shareholders or directors require a little more comfort with their year end accounts or perhaps a lender to the company has made a stipulation.

We are not your typical, dreaded auditor. We thrive on providing an exceptional service to ensure that your accounts convey a true and fair reflection of your business performance and position, so we can effectively plan a future together.        

Being a firm that encompasses pro-activity, havng conducted our audit, we will not criticise your business. We will work with you to generate ideas to build upon your systems and finances to be more profitable and sustainable in the future.        
If you are interested in having your company audited then we can tailor our approach to your specific needs.

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